Importance of Insurance for Shops and Retail Stores

Shops and retail businesses principally deal with perishable goods and to some extent with non-perishable goods. They have to maintain substantial quantities of inventory as well as ready-for-sale stock of such goods. They also need physical stores and objects used to market or display their products to the consumers.

Considering these various aspects, retail businesses are exposed to various kinds of risks ranging from competition and emergence of new products, change in attitude of customers etc., to man-made and natural hazards for inventory and property. These risks are same for every retail business – large, medium or small. However, these risks can be insured. In the current scenario, the risk liabilities and cost involved in replacement of lost inventories, demand considerable finances which retail businesses can ill-afford, especially at times of sudden emergencies. It is for this reason, insurance is very important for such businesses in protecting them from all kinds of risks.

Inventories and stock
For shops and retail businesses, it is important to have in hand, a ready-to-serve inventory to replace the sold out goods. Hence, it is significant to protect them from damage/loss caused due to natural calamities (such as torrential rains, lightning, earthquakes, etc.,) and man-made causes like fire, vandalism, and pilferage by employees/intruders, etc. As the owner of a retail business, you should protect them by buying an appropriate insurance cover, given the sheer size of materials and cost of buying new inventory involved.

Shelves and fixtures
Display of merchandise is an important aspect of retail stores. They use different types of shelves (made up of different materials such as glass, metal, wood, etc.,) for broad and attractive display of products. Also different types of fixtures such as hangers, rods, etc., and electrical fixtures such as lightings, etc., are used for clear and attractive presentation of products. As these shelves and fixtures are inflammable and fragile, they are vulnerable to different types of damages caused due to fire accidents, natural disasters or even slight negligence in placing products on shelves.

The shelves and fixtures are one of the important factors that contribute to the physical storage of goods. So, any damage caused to them may not stop the business, but may cause potential damage to the business and also inconvenience to the customers, which may lead to temporary interruption in the business.

Buildings and premises
Retail stores are usually housed in buildings (single storey or multi-storey) which are either owned or taken on lease. Any damage to the building (either by natural disasters or by man-made accidents), can cause massive loss to the shops and retail businesses therein. And if the building is owned by the shop owner, then he has to bear the huge cost of damaged goods as well as the building. In such cases, buying insurance for the building and housing is significant as the financial condition of businesses cannot endure the sudden strain caused by the damage.

Liability claims
As a retail business owner, you are vulnerable to risks of liability originating from customers, employees, general public, vendors, etc., if any damage is caused while conducting business in your premises. All these groups are potential agencies causing risks of liability to your business. It is therefore, necessary for you to buy insurance for your shop/business that covers liability claims.

The litigation involved in such cases debilitates your confidence and you would not be able to concentrate on your core business. Be rest assured by buying a suitable insurance cover to protect your business against all these potential risks.

Being in retail business, you are exposed to a host of risks from diverse demographic as well as calamitous situations. These factors spell disaster for your business. To protect your businesses, you can buy insurance, for which you have certain options, of which retail shop insurance is the best.

• Shop insurance – a comprehensive package
As already stated, retail businesses are subjected to various kinds of risks – legal risks, damage to goods, property and inventory. Hence, you are in need of insurance to protect you against all these risks. But instead of having individual insurance coverage for all these risks, a single, comprehensive policy called shop insurance is available, which covers all the potential risks associated with retail businesses.

• Protects from unpredictable losses
Quite apart from the potential risks to your business, there are certain situations that might not be in your control, e.g. unfavourable business situation such as a general recession in the economy as a whole. Under such circumstances you have to shut down your business temporarily or inject fresh investment or liquidate. As finances of retail businesses are not strong enough to endure repeated financial strain, you can make the best decision by buying shop insurance.

• Helps in doing the business with much confidence
Assurance of protection offered by retail business insurance coverage helps the business grow. It would help you enhance the goodwill among different interest groups you deal in course of your business, which is one of the critical factors for the growth of your business.

Remember, buying insurance for your retail business is not an investment as is supposedly perceived. Insurance protects your business against the effects of loss causing factors. By this, it enhances the profitability of your business in the long run and thus, makes it possible to foray into new domains.

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