Improve your shooting power in basketball-make your way to the top!

USA Basketball - 3 Tips to Increase Your Shooting Prowess


Are you that person who gets thrilled at witnessing a shot that resembles a cannonball? Imagine a situation. You are watching your favorite NBA teams battle it out. Suddenly, your favorite pro shooter is poised to shoot. He shoots.

The next moment, the shot fires through all obstacles and makes its way into the hoop, and you jump in joy! 

Do you secretly wish to be that person on your TV screen? 

Then you will need to work hard to improve your basketball shooting strength. One of the most straightforward ways is to practice specific shooting drills that work on your strength. You might also want to practice those basketball shooting drills at home that perfect your posture and help you maximize your muscular strength while you are making the shot. 

Now that you are hooked on what’s coming up next let’s take a ride. 

Why do you need to work on your basketball shooting strength?

A Stephen Curry or a Klay Thompson or a Ray Allen or a Larry Bird isn’t just a freak of nature. There are years of hard work and dedication behind their ascent to the greatest shooters’ podium in NBA history. Watching these greats perform is indeed thrilling. But if you are also keen to perform superbly on glass, you need to work on your shooting skills. 

Now let’s get down to the hard truth. 

You have a Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine at home, and it is showing a significant shooting percentage. You go to the next game with high spirits. But then the problem occurs!

You are shooting from the perfect positions and at the most opportune moments. But your shots are getting blocked by your opponents. When you try to fire from a farther distance, your shot doesn’t make its way to the hoop.

The reason? You guessed it right. Your shots are weak. 

If you want to increase your shooting range and prowess, you need to work on your shot strength apart from the shot mechanics and other facets. Adding to your shooting strength lets you fire from the most challenging positions and massive distances and yet make a successful shot. And when you are near the basket, there’s no stopping slam-dunking your way to success!

A home basketball machine like the Shoot-A-Way Gun could be a nifty addition to your arsenal. Apart from being a rebounder that enables you to practice efficiently without wasting unnecessary minutes, it is a pre-programmable device that provides you the ball at your preferred positions. It will help you to regulate your shot power from those positions. When you are in a real-time game situation, a spot on the court will allow you to rewind your successful shooting practice with the Gun variants! 

Of course, you need to put in so many hours behind such shooting drills that the full strength and positioning during shooting gets integrated with your muscle-memory. 

Apart from these, a home basketball machine like the Shoot-A-Way Gun will enable you to harness the power of data analytics and understand where and how you are faltering while shooting. It will provide a detailed analysis of your shooting range and prowess. Thus you will know that making a booming shot from a long-range requires impeccable shooting strength. 

Training hacks to improve your shooting strength:

There are some training hacks for increasing your shooting strength. Imparting these tricks in your regular training regime will help you considerably. 

  • Weight training programs:

Weight training programs are ideal for athletes who want to maximize their shooting strength. If you focus on specific muscle groups that are instrumental in generating power while you shoot the basketball, it will do you a world of good! You must focus on your wrist, triceps, forearms, legs, knees, and core during weight training. 

  • Increasing the level of difficulty during practice drills:

Whenever you are practicing at the training facility, you can increase the ball’s weight with which you are practicing. It will help you in gaining better control when you are practicing with a usual ball. Firing shots at an automatic home basketball machine with a heavier ball will help you shoot with superb strength during real match situations. 

  • Shooting drills:

Performing form shooting drills and other complex ones will help you focus on your body posture and muscular coordination. As a result, you will be able to generate more power while shooting the ball. 

Summing up:

Now that you have learned the intricacies to develop your shooting strength, you need to put that into effect. Bludgeoning the ball towards the hoop while it races across outstretched arms and other obstacles is a great feeling. The feeling becomes more wholesome when the ball enters the hoop and gives your team a well-earned lead. Shock your opponents and earn your teammates’ praises while shooting with maximum power in real-time game situations!