LOBO Systems Is Now Approved For Use At 11  AB Agri Locations.

LOBO Programs Is Now Permitted For Use At 11  AB Agri Places.

Designed and created by LOBO Systems,  the British agency with the world’s most innovative operate platform method, has gained orders from  AB Agri, aspect of the £13B huge Linked British Foodstuff PLC.

The services change grain into pellets by grinding it down and compacting it. This is performed by numerous devices, conveyors and elevators, all requiring maintenance.

The engineering & maintenance groups call for a one piece of equipment that would enable them to entry all the machinery inside their building, including motors, bearings and hatches that need safe and sound functioning accessibility.

The LOBO platform program and its built-in Lifting Slider Beam configurations have been great.

Every internet site has a tailor-designed “pool” of LOBO components that can create a tower to go well with any issue introduced to LOBO’s focus. The LOBO Programs solution will save AB Agri dollars prolonged-term by minimizing or eradicating the want for ongoing scaffolding fees.

Stuart Smith, the Uk Trustworthiness & Asset Care Supervisor for AB Agri feedback …

Why did you order a LOBO System?

“I have applied it ahead of at many other corporations. Generally located it simple to use and straightforward but incredibly helpful. The persons I have dealt with at LOBO have constantly been qualified, helpful and really handy.”

What characteristics of the technique are specifically desirable?

“Easy to assemble, and when you get applied to it, you can erect it speedily. I truly feel safer on the top deck of LOBO devices than I do with any other alternative. It all just locks into place with no instruments and significantly less risk.”

 What was the wondering driving buying for all your areas?

We have various locations that are complicated to access across the mills, and LOBO was the clear resolution. In addition, we can share know-how and even products effortlessly with LOBO rather than eleven distinct types of obtain products.”

Was the coaching of value and why?

“The teaching was excellent, actually well balanced concerning practical and idea. I felt assured that when the study course was finished, I could practice in the safe use of the LOBO process. As a end result, all the engineering groups and I now know to teach a extensive volume of persons in our enterprise safely and securely and effectively. Every thing from the acquiring knowledge to the shipping and education has been wonderful. Even with the time, it took us to get the money allocated. LOBO was beneficial and supportive in this approach and, in the end, extremely patient with us.” 

The 12-thirty day period onboarding process comprised HSE  compliance verification and acceptance by the United kingdom  engineering group, which has now been concluded.

As LOBO is modular with no equipment assembly, Amazon engineers use LOBO to obtain awkward regions over and close to their conveyor units, which are in frequent use, so a superior priority. Outsourced contractor scaffolding prices can be substantially diminished, as maintenance teams can assemble the technique anyplace essential.

Robert Bokros, LOBO Systems inventor & CEO, explained: “The LOBO Innovative Platform Procedure has revolutionized the way business performs properly at height. Proof from contented users illustrates remarkable cuts in scaffolding fees, lessened downtime although ready for it to get there, erected and much less reliance on outdoors scaffolding contractors. In most instances, the payback time for LOBO is calculated in months when compared to common scaffolding. On our website, we establish these personal savings from precise scenario histories.”

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