Music Artist Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi has released many albums over his 30 year long career and received several awards not only for his musical flair but also for his dazzling looks and charitable work around our planet.

Jon Bon Jovi was born in New Jersey on 2/2/1962. He attended school at St. Joseph High School but a lot of the times he was absent from his classes and bunking lessons to play music and take part in other musical activities. He even started playing with a local band from a very young age and by his 16th birthday he was already playing at clubs in and around New Jersey.

During his early years Jon Bon Jovi played with a quite a few different groups such as the Atlantic City Expressway which was a ten-piece rhythm and blues band, the Wild Ones, The Rest and The Lechers and John Bongiovi. However, one of Jon’s earliest recording ever was no die hard rock song but a Christmas Carol in 1980 called “R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”

In the early 80’s Jon was trying to get a break into the rock music industry and with Hugh McDonald, his future band bassist and Dave Sabo, the future Skid Row guitarist, Jon wrote and recorded the number Runaway. At first, none of the major labels would accept his song, so Jon went to a WAPP-FM DJ and made him listen to Runaway, The DJ immediately loved the song and not only played the song but also put it to the WAPP record. The song was an instantaneous hit and topped the charts. After the triumph of his first song Jon Bon Jovi signed his first most important record agreement with Mercury in 1983. This gave start to his new band named Bon Jovi and a career that not many will not remember.

The band now included Jon Bon Jovi on vocals and guitar, Richie Sambora on guitar and backup vocals, Tico Torres on drums and percussions and David Bryan on keyboard and backup vocals. The Bon Jovi band’s foremost album named “Bon Jovi” was released in 1984 and the record went gold, selling over half a million records. However, the next record was not successful and didn’t get a lot of credit. But the groups fortunes were about to change when they hired songwriter Desmond Child. Desmond assisted in writing the songs in the bands third album named “Slippery When Wet”, which sold in excess of 28 million albums. After that the band released many different albums which enjoyed international success.

As of now, the band has decided on a tour which will take them through North America and Europe. The first concert of their tour, which is called the Circle Tour, will be held in Honolulu, HI on 2/11/2010. Besides a many US cities the major cities that the band will play during their tour are Montreal, Charlotte, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Nashville, Calgary, Edmonton, Dallas, Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale. The Circle Tour will conclude on July, 30th 2010 with a concert in Chicago, IL.

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