My Pet World: Wind phobia is a actual issue for some dogs | Animals

We rescued Mikey in July 2019 from a shelter in southern Illinois. We moved into our without end house in Tucson, Arizona, this earlier September. He 1st experienced hassle obtaining about on the tile flooring, but about a thirty day period ago, he grew to become concerned of virtually every thing.

He is 4 a long time old and weighs about 60 kilos, so he is not a tiny pet dog. He is fearful to go into our kitchen. Our kitchen area has windows on two sides. I you should not know if he sees a reflection in the window or there is something exterior he’s concerned of, but he won’t drink or try to eat in the kitchen area any longer.

I attempted to convey his food into yet another area, but he would not touch it. I am now keeping his dish in the spouse and children area so he eats. Even now, he will get so scared if the wind blows that he jumps on my lap or on major of us through the evening.

Somebody advised a Thundershirt. A further buddy reported to give him products. I really don’t like either remedy. Do you have any strategies? — Kay & Terry, Tucson, Arizona

When we believe of canine phobias, we generally consider of their worry of fireworks or thunderstorms. But canine can produce all kinds of phobias, and wind phobia is unquestionably one thing for canines who are delicate to audio.

Canine with phobias really don’t always get over their phobias, but you can support Mikey manage his fears by lessening his triggers. With wind, it is the seem, so put on Tv set, enjoy some music or flip on a seem device, specifically in the kitchen area, to block it out. If you believe the window bothers him, preserve the blinds partly closed or use sheers to let light-weight in but block any see or reflection.