OTT Watchlist: Day Of Future – One more Time Journey

OTT Watchlist: Day Of Destiny - Another Time Travel

‘Day of Destiny’ is an English film from Nigeria. This was introduced in Nigeria in January 2021 and hit Netflix for environment audiences on 13th July 2021. The movie bargains with Time Journey, Motivation, Destiny and Moral.

Chidi and Rotimi are the teenage brothers. They reside in a humble center course relatives. Chidi leads a upset life and dreams that his lifestyle would be distinct experienced his mothers and fathers been abundant. In the approach, he along with his brother materialize to come upon a magician who sends them back again in time to the 12 months 2000 to change the destiny of their father in the way that he will become rich in 2021.

What transpires following is fascinating as a story. The type of building or the appears and performances of the artistes may provide out distinct kinds of viewpoints from various audiences but as an concept and storyline this film engages till the end.

The episodes in which the taxi driver of the 12 months 2000 thinks below the affect of politicians’ words that Nigeria will be world’s super electricity by 2020 delivers laughs. Similarly their ignorance of smartphone and Me Also motion with the term hashtag deliver some smirks though observing.

The scene amongst the teenage daughter of 2021 in #MeToo period and the teenage mom of 2000 in conventional occasions stands as a highlight. 

Although the narration will become predictable listed here and there, the final component was dealt very well.

In spite of staying loosely inspired by the famous German sequence ‘Dark’ with regard to little ones meeting their moms and dads right before they have been truly born, this movie ‘Day of Destiny’ is designed with humor which tends to make it interesting. 

Streaming On: Netflix

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