Review on Teaching With the Brain in Mind by Eric Jensen

The author Eric collaborates his thinking a lot to Howard Gardner and stresses on how we as educators must comprehend the working of the brain so as to teach our students in the most effective way.

Eric touches upon the topic of how right nutrition to the brain plays a great role in peak performance of the brain. He emphasizes the school to educate the parents to put them on right nutrition and states that brain expends 20% of energy while doing a work involving mental task like mathematics, reading or even playing video games. So a child must eat nutritious food always and drink plenty of water as brain is made of 78% of water. In fact he states a child must eat to learn and not to satiate the hungry and similarly must drink water to learn. The parents and teachers must educate their children drink water as a thirst quencher and not substitute it with soft drinks.

He also highlights that all schools must take music, art, crafts, physical games into foremost importance as this alone helps brain think, retain memory and supports to a great deal to perform well in academics.

He points out how the music of Mozart helps the students think well and perform better and gives in exercise to the mind thus getting the students ready to learn.

He points out how motivation and rewards given by most schools don’t work well for all kids though it could be effective with some kids as long as different strategies are used differently.

Another noteworthy point he makes is how emotions and feelings induced while learning help the child in the learning process. When a students is emotionally touched during the teaching process, that’s when the learners can imprint the concept clearly.

Overall, the book is great and a must read if you are an educator or teacher. Also if you tend to have a liking towards Howard Gardner’s books, I am sure you will find Eric Jensen equally interesting and enlightening too though the topic covered by both are totally unique and worth reading. For all the teachers out there, if you genuinely care for the students from the bottom of your heart, then this book of Eric should be a must read book in your list. On a scale of 5, I would give this book 4. So please don’t miss it as it will help you a lot in your teaching process and enhance the quality of your life as a passionate, effective and great teacher.

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