Slipknot Making ‘God Music’ in the Studio Proper Now, Claims Clown

In a new interview with Download Competition host Kylie Olsson, Slipknot percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan has supplied an update on Slipknot’s progress in the studio as they work towards what will presumably be the adhere to-up to 2019’s We Are Not Your Sort. Clown famous the band is earning “God audio” and that for the initial time in their recording job, Corey Taylor has completely completed his lyrics prior to moving into the studio.

Clown would not dedicate to stating how numerous music had been completed nonetheless, but verified he and the relaxation of the band are “seriously content.”

“Taylor is on some amount of singing that I have hardly ever heard him, which would make me genuinely psychological. Great music has been penned, and due to the fact of that, my most loved singer on the world has sang the tunes,” Slipknot’s keg-banger uncovered (transcription through Blabbermouth).

“And this is the 1st time we can go into a studio with concluded lyrics. When I say ‘completed,’ I indicate penned, recorded,” Clown continued, “but he is nevertheless gonna have his time in the studio to job what he would like to for just about every individual song. So they are as completed as they can be right up until he comes in.”

Whilst he did not disclose which studio the band was performing out of, the percussionist did notice that they are at this time holed up in Los Angeles.

“And we’re building God songs, and we’re possessing a blast,” he enthused, “And it’s just wonderful to be close to everybody, and every person is in the finest mood I have at any time observed. It is a whole lot of fun being around the band it is a large amount of enjoyment not being pressured or acquiring stress, and just performing what we do, because we’ve finished it for 20 yrs.”

The Slipknot co-founder, who not too long ago launched his have hashish line, also stated that the process is a lot less combative and that the band is cost-free to pursue their musical needs, opposed to a confrontational solution of the past, which Clown stated,  “It really is commonly me heading, ‘No. This is what we are gonna do, irrespective of whether you like it or not.’ So now, it is just, like, ‘Do what you want.’ And, gentleman, what a enjoyable factor to receive immediately after all these several years. It’s a gorgeous thing.”

“We have nothing to show to any one we only have to demonstrate it to ourselves,” added Clown prior to expressing gratitude for the Slipknot fanbase.

“I’ve normally thought that our admirers, our lifestyle, enjoys us simply because they can belief us. They may not like what we decide, but they’re, like, ‘At the very least you decided it, and we are gonna back it, for the reason that you assumed about it.'”

Touching on what the audio is shaping up to seem like, Clown asserted the notion that Slipknot’s songs is in a continuous point out of evolution and reinvention.

“The music’s constantly different,” he remarked.

“I want to make diverse paintings. I really don’t wanna develop the same portray,” he went on and observed, “Familiarity is good, but recreating the identical factor is not, in our impression. So, what I can explain to you is this for this album: I believe this album is the last album to training the ideal of what we’re exploring for. I imagine we’re mastering it on this just one.”

Previously this year, Taylor had informed Matt Pinfield of KLOS, “There is a probability that it could be conceptual if we can genuinely do it correct. The new music is outstanding, it expands on what we did with We Are Not Your Kind and kind of blossoms from there.”

Once more, Clown turned his focus toward Taylor’s vocal functionality, which has specified him a emotion of excitement that provides him again to his days as a kid and youthful grownup.

“So, it’s unique,” he reported of the audio, “But I’ll tell you: I have by no means listened to Corey Taylor like this correct now — I just by no means listened to him like this. I truly feel whole circle. I pretty much come to feel like we’re providing homage to almost everything we grew up loving. I can hear so a lot of what I grew up, but it’s my favourite singer singing.”

“I are unable to say, ‘Oh, you sound like this particular person or that man or woman,” commented Clown. “I come to feel like I’m a child sneaking a beer at a KISS concert or a thing. I’m 14, 18, whatever… Let us not say sneaking, let us say 21, and I go into a KISS live performance at 21, and I’m obtaining a beer. And I really feel like that suitable now.”

Grateful for the working experience, he wrapped up, “I’m obtaining so a lot enjoyment with the fellas and just building. We’re so chill and relaxed simply because we’ve figured out so considerably.”

Listen to the full interview beneath.

It is not acknowledged if Slipknot are operating with solely new material or if any of this “God songs” is culled from the 15 tracks Clown reported (in 2019) have been leftover from the We Are Not Your Form classes.

What we do know is Taylor has been plotting his new mask, which he described as “uncomfortable” and said it will “fucking scare young children.” It even “freaked out” his wife, Alicia.

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