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Solar Pool Heating Systems: Keep you Pools Warm all Year Round without Spending Much

Solar Pool Heating Systems: Keep you Pools Warm all Year Round without Spending Much

Everyone loves a warm pool whether it is summer or whatever season it is. Be it residential pools or commercial ones, it needs to be warm to attract more swimmers to dip in the pool. Let’s accept that pools are useless if it is not warm! Especially if it’s a residential pool. Do you always find warming your pool expensive? Well getting solar pool heating systems, will make it a lot cheaper compared to when regular heating methods are used. Invest in a solar pool heating system and never dip in a cold pool again, make every day a swimming day with your solar pool heating system! There are several types of solar pool heating systems that are available for you to choose from. 

Types of Solar Pool Heating Systems

Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETCs)

This is one of the most expensive types of solar pool heating systems. This is ideal for a large indoor pool and areas that experience below freezing point. Systems are more complicated but of good function. Here is the mechanism for its system:

The series of vacuum tubes are the one responsible for absorbing energy from the sun.

The energy is then transmitted to a circulating antifreeze solution. 

This solution is then transferred to the water pool indirectly by a heat exchanger. 

Polymer Systems

This type is cheaper since it comes in different setups. They are also easily installed. These are however not suitable for large pools and not good for areas that have below freezing points. Materials used on his solar pool heater systems may vary from Rubber, plastic, PVC, polystyrene, polypropylene, and polyethylene. Dispensing on the package that you choose or that matches your pool structures. This system is also available in mat and coil configuration. 

Flat Plate Collectors

This a flat plate that is made of sheet copper or aluminum that is painted black. These flat plates are connected to copper tubes that collect energy from the sun. They come in two types: glazed and unglazed. 

  1. Glazed units

This copper tubing on an aluminum plate with an iron-tempered glass covering. They are ideal to be used in cold weathers and they are reliable to heat your pool all year round. 

  1. Unglazed units 

These are made of rubber or plastic treated with Ultraviolet ray inhibitors to lengthen the life of the panels. These are cheaper than the glazed units.

Integral Collector Storage (ICS)

They are similar to flat type systems, they consist of collector tubes, hot water storage tanks and are covered by a glass box. This type can be easily customized by solar panel installers since it is easy to construct, some have it do-it-yourself but having solar panel experts assemble one for you is better and safer. 

These are the types of solar heater systems to choose from however solar panel companies can customize them to fit on whatever you want for your pool, as long as it’s doable and this depends on the following factors:

  • Pool Size 

The bigger the pool the more solar collectors needed for it. Estimation on how many solar collectors can be done by your solar panel technicians. 

  • Location

The location might not be a big concern since solar energy can collect even if the sun doesn’t always shine as long as your area where solar collectors are placed will be open to the sky. Meaning there are no obstructions covering sites such as trees or bigger structures. 

  • Regional Temperature 

Colder regions need more solar collectors to power up the warmth your pool needs. 

  • Solar Resource Site 

If a solar resource site is near your area then that will be advantageous to you. There are regional areas where solar energy is high. Your solar panel installer can tell if your area is one of them. 

Visit your solar panel store now and have your solar pool heater installed for you and your family to enjoy your pool all year round. Ask them for quotes and recommendations, they are surely willing to present the solar pool heating systems suitable for your pools. Choose from the solar pool heating systems presented and start deciding when to have them installed. Then you can start ripping the goodness it can provide your family and even your friends. Make your pool warm all year round.