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What is time? Introducing: It truly is About Time

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Anything that takes place in your existence – every encounter, each conversation, even each assumed – is mediated by one thing: time. That is why the term “time” is the most usually used noun in the English language.

We communicate about time all the time – how promptly or bit by bit it would seem to go, how a great deal or minor of it we have, and how our past and long run examine to our existing. But we not often talk about what time in fact is, how our perceptions of it form our conduct, and how switching these perceptions may possibly enhance our lives. 

Our new podcast collection hopes to change that. More than the course of six episodes, hosts Rebecca Asoulin and Eoin O’Carroll speak with industry experts in physics, psychology, philosophy, tradition, historical past, science fiction, and many other subject areas to enable unravel time’s mysteries. You are going to master why time occasionally would seem to gradual down, how Albert Einstein’s theories open the likelihood for time journey, and how time enforces social hierarchies. We’ll also listen to from persons who are combating to support us get our time back.

We hope you will tune in. Since comprehending time extra deeply can aid us make the most of the time we have.

This is the teaser for “It is About Time,” our 6-portion collection which is aspect of the Monitor’s “Rethinking the Information” podcast. To listen to episodes on our web page or on your beloved podcast player, you should visit the “It is really About Time” series site.

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This story was developed to be read. We strongly inspire you to expertise it with your ears, but we comprehend that is not an selection for everybody. You can uncover the audio participant over. For people who are not able to pay attention, we have presented a transcript of the story under. 

Audio Transcript

Rebecca Asoulin: What is time?

Heather Dyke: There is a quote from the physicist John Wheeler. He claims: ‘Time is nature’s way of stopping every little thing from going on at as soon as.’ 

Eoin O’Carroll: Is it a range on a clock?

Fuschia Sirois: Time is a construct. It is some thing we use as a metric to quantify, I guess, our existence.

Rebecca: A continuum that we can vacation through? 

Ted Chiang: Time is the modify in the state of the universe.

Eoin: Who receives to decide?


Rebecca: I’m Rebecca Asoulin, a storytelling editor for The Christian Science Observe.  

Eoin: And I’m Eoin O’Carroll, a science writer for the Watch.

Rebecca: And we’re the hosts of, “It’s About Time.” A new 6-element science collection all about –

Eoin: – time.

Rebecca: We’ll be unraveling its mysteries. Talking to physicists –

Alan Lightman: Before Einstein, time was considered absolute. A next is a next is a next.

Eoin: – a thinker –

Heather Dyke: There is on each sides an urge to reconcile what it thinks is legitimate of time.

Rebecca: – an anthropologist –

Dorsa Amir: How you watch the future versus now really could have a significant impact on your selections. 

Eoin:  – a magician –

Debbie O’Carroll: Just one, two, three, abracadabra!

Rebecca:  – a procrastination professional –

Fuschia Sirois: Laziness is not procrastination. 

Eoin:  – and even another person striving to create a time equipment!

Ron Mallet: I considered, ‘This is it, this the factor that is likely to allow me to see my father once more.’

Rebecca: Due to the fact comprehension time additional deeply can enable us make the most of the time we have. 

Eoin: So if you enjoy psychology, or philosophy  –

Rebecca: – or if you love time puns –

Eoin: – or if you are just someone who desires to use your time more correctly, be part of us! 

Rebecca: We’ll shortly be releasing new episodes correct below on the Monitor’s “Rethinking the News” podcast. You can obtain us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher. Just lookup, “Rethinking the News.” And subscribe to “Rethinking the News” to get notified about new episodes. 

Eoin: We’ll be dropping new ones every 7 days. 

Rebecca: Like clockwork.

Eoin: You could established your observe to it.


Rebecca: Very well, not your watch. Isn’t it damaged?

Eoin: Very well, it is continue to proper –

Rebecca & Eoin: two times a day!