Travancore Foundation – A New Age Retirement Home in Kerala 

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Taking care of our parents and relatives is one of our most essential duties as children. It becomes more critical during their elderly years, as they get more dependent on us. Luxury retirement homes are one of the best options, as it is not always possible to be physically present for our elderly parents. Numerous places in Kerala offer luxury accommodation for seniors, but the Travancore Foundation stands at the apex of that list. 

The Travancore Foundation is built to cater to the seniors in every way possible and is equipped with the best infrastructure and facilities. It offers a comprehensive senior care solution for its residents and ensures a high quality of life. It has redefined the value of senior living as one of the best luxury retirement homes in Kerala and is still making incredible strides in that area. 

Why Is The Travancore Foundation Regarded As One Of The Best Retirement Homes in Kerala?

Travancore Foundation has been regarded as the most reliable senior care establishment in Kerala since its inauguration in 2009. It has a 12 AA certified trust governed by a board of trustees whose main aim is to offer its residents a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. 

Every person is different and has different needs to live a comfortable life. The people at Travancore Foundation understand the intricacies of the individual requirements of its residents, which is why they strive to provide personalized care for everyone. They believe that luxury senior living goes well beyond amenities and infrastructure, and catering to the individual needs of each of its residents remains crucial. 

From personalized medical care to understanding the basic social needs of its residents, the Travancore Foundation hosts a holistic view of senior living. This is why it is widely regarded as one of the most secure, stable, sustainable and luxurious retirement homes in Kottayam and Kerala. 

Why Should You Choose the Travancore Foundation?

The Travancore Foundation has built its reputation as one of the safest, most reliable and luxurious retirement homes in Kottayam. It hosts numerous luxury amenities and is known for its grand infrastructure, but above all, it offers personalized care for each of its residents. Here are some of the best features of the Travancore Foundation:

Personalized Care: 

It is one of the main things that separates the Travancore foundation from all its competitors. It offers person-centric care, catering to all the individual needs of its residents. There is no basic plan fit for all here, as customized care is provided to every senior, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious stay here. This feature makes Travancore Foundation one of the most trustworthy retirement homes in Kerala

Comprehensive Individual Assessment:

Comprehensive individual assessment refers to creating an interdisciplinary plan of care for the residents at Travancore Foundation. This helps assess their unique needs and work towards providing them with everything they need. Every resident is different, and the care they need varies hugely from one person to another. Understanding what works for them right at their admission and creating a plan of care that will suit them makes the Travancore Foundation stand out from the rest.

Employing an Interdisciplinary Team:

An interdisciplinary team consists of physicians, physiotherapists, social workers, dieticians, activity specialists and pharmacists to ensure that every resident gets the best care. The multidisciplinary team is set up based on the individual assessment done at admission so that each resident can get the proper, personalized care they deserve.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services:

In any senior living facility, having a team of trained doctors and healthcare professionals is a must. The residents at retirement homes often have serious ailments due to their advancing age, and proper medical care is essential for them. At the Travancore Foundation, we have a team of trained doctors and nurses to offer our residents the best medical care. We care for all their physical and psychological needs by providing the best medical facilities. 

Stunning, Secure Infrastructure:

Infrastructure plays a significant role in luxury retirement homes, from security to leisurely activities. At the Travancore Foundation, you can expect to find high-quality infrastructure with an extensive landscape and wheelchair accessibility, among many other features. The residents here are offered maximum security and luxury with our stunning infrastructure, so we are regarded as one of the best retirement homes in Kochi

Numerous Recreational Activities:

Life can get quite monotonous and boring when you live away from your home and your family, but the Travancore Foundation ensures maximum fun and recreation for its residents. With numerous fun recreational activities that aim toward its residents’ mental and spiritual well-being, it has become one of the best senior living places in the country. We also have indoor and outdoor games and other entertainment for our residents to keep them entertained and busy. 


The Travancore Foundation has built a name for itself based on its unique features and luxurious amenities when it comes to luxury retirement homes. Today, it stands as one of the most secure and well-known senior living institutions in the country, focusing on its guests’ overall health and wellness.