Waynesboro animal limits how many pet dogs cats can i have

Would you kick out your pet to stay in your home? It's the reality that Waynesboro residents could face with a new proposal, which they opposed with tears and frustration at the council meeting

WAYNESBORO — A lot more than a dozen inhabitants came together at Monday evening’s town council meeting to oppose changes to town animal regulations. Some ended up completely ready to pack their luggage.

Modifications could indicate that citizens would have to pick amongst which animals to keep and kick to the control, or make the selection to shift out of city fully. The assembly was total of tears and shaky voices as people informed their stories. Just one woman brought a picture of her canines and questioned the council to opt for which she ought to get rid of if the ordinance passed.

Worries and opposition from citizens ranged from shedding their beloved pets, acquiring fined for violating legislation, uncertainty close to fostering, confusion close to why an ordinance improve was needed, and no grandfather clause was involved. The dialogue drew in veterinarians, involved citizens, shelter volunteers, adolescents and animal control staff members to weigh in on the concern.