What can destroy a rodent, can eliminate a cat, canine or little one

Expensive Dr. Johns,

Is there a mouse bait that, if the mouse dies and is eaten by a cat, the cat is not in threat of dying from the volume of lively component ingested by the mouse? I know that the old D-con contained warfarin and the deadly dose for a mouse was not lethal for cats. But I do not assume it is out there any more. Putting the bait where by cats won’t be able to reach it does not aid if the mouse crawls out and dies in the open. Also, traps are not an alternative simply because the mice are in the partitions of my camping trailer as perfectly as in the walls of my home. I rarely capture a single in a lure, although I have them out.

— Vicki Palen, Milladore, Wisconsin

Cats are good deterrents for preventing rodents, but no rat poison is safe in a house with cats, dogs or children.

Pricey Vicki,

I am sorry, but suitable up entrance, I really do not know of any rat poison that is going to be completely safe. In simple fact, when I am questioned about blocking rodents, I normally explain to people today the most effective way to prevent rodents is to get a cat. Some puppies are excellent at this much too. Specifically, I am contemplating of Rat Terriers and Jack Russells.