What is the oldest woman you have delivered a little one to, I inquire the health care provider. Fifty-two, he claims

My spouse has not been attending any of my clinic appointments, ostensibly due to Covid restrictions, but also primarily – if we’re truthful – because of to a delicate circumstance of indifference to the second baby (Sorry next kid. Been there, completed that.) 

This is the 3rd in a sequence by Aisling Marron on her being pregnant throughout the pandemic.

We’re a prolonged way from the exhilaration and novelty of the initially baby in which he not only attended every one appointment, but also dressed in a suit and tie out of regard for every “meeting” with the little one. I sailed via the 1st pregnancy symptom-free of charge.

There was only one of us who was consistently weepy and psychological – and it was not me. Mindful that he was missing out even though, heading out to an appointment I requested if he had any questions for the doctor and, seeking up briefly from his laptop, he reported: “Ye, question him what is the oldest girl he has delivered a newborn to?”

The challenge of “geriatric pregnancies” is massively overblown in films and in sitcoms. I am having a geriatric pregnancy right now. Or somewhat, as it is now identified as, I am a female of “advanced maternal age” – nevertheless I’m not certain if that is an enhancement.

I only know this due to the fact I googled: “What is a geriatric pregnancy?”

Reply: Pregnancies around the age of 35.

Aisling and Lanah in Phoenix Park.
Aisling and Lanah in Phoenix Park.

But except some silent alarm goes off every time I cross the threshold of the clinic and crimson lights flash and just about every team member I go nods to each and every other knowingly: “Here she arrives, the girl of innovative maternal age” – the challenge of my advancing age has not been relayed to me at all. In point, my physician makes me sense like a teen. Nevertheless my spouse has requested that I please quit indicating that.

On arrival at the healthcare facility I persuade myself I have a “craving” for a bag of Emerald toffees so I get a person in the clinic gift shop. The matter is however, with the mask on, you really just cannot nibble while you wait around so my craving has to keep in my purse for now.

Aisling and Lanah in Phoenix Park.
Aisling and Lanah in Phoenix Park.

The expert is extremely accommodating and enables filming of the full scan as he describes what is on display screen. Finally, wrapping up the appointment he asks, “Any issues?”. So I say “Yes actually, what is the oldest female you have at any time sent a baby to?”


My spouse picks me up on his way house from the crèche run and I get into the back again of the motor vehicle beside our 14-thirty day period-previous. It’s 5pm and already darkish. I tuck into (at final!) my handbag Emeralds. The toddler keeps seeking to glimpse to see what I’m ingesting, but she can not see anything in the dim. In the conclusion, I give her the empty wrapper to engage in with and she is delighted.

I’m this sort of a excellent mother. 

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