What is the settlement amount for my motorcycle accident?

You will be worried about the amount of your motorbike settlement if you have been in a motorcycle accident. How much you are awarded for losses incurred as a result of a motorbike accident in Bakersfield depends on a variety of variables. 

Your Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyers are in a better position to advise you on the potential value of your case, given similar situations that have been resolved through settlement negotiation or litigation, depending on your jurisdiction.

A summary of the variables to consider for your motorcycle accident case is provided below.

Things To Take Into Account For Motorcycle Settlement

Liability determination would be the first step in your lawsuit if the negligence of another motorist resulted in your accident. The number of losses you have sustained will be your next issue. You can take into account both cases as follows:

  • Damage incurred: This refers to both the physical wounds you have received and the harm is done to your motorcycle. A larger compensation amount would typically result from a severe injury. To determine a settlement or verdict amount in every motorcycle accident, the insurance company takes into account various elements. Remember that those who ride motorcycles are typically assumed to be at fault. Therefore, you will need the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney to help you overcome such prejudice when presenting your case to the insurance company.
  • Liability: The strength of your claim will depend on how well you can show that the other party was careless enough to cause your accident. If you contributed to your accident by being careless, you could face additional blame and receive less money in damages. Since California is a comparative negligence state, your injuries will be determined by how much you contributed to the accident.

Damages Assessment

No matter if you choose to settle or go to trial, the criteria used to determine your settlement will be:

Compensation for losses. There is a monetary value to these harms. They might include your lost salary, prospective lost wages, medical costs related to your injuries, etc. To calculate the total cost, the insurance provider sums up your outgoings. 

Harm types besides money. These are difficult to measure economically. You have the right to compensation for pain and suffering, for instance, if you were hurt and it damaged your mental well-being. The jury must determine how much your emotional damages will be for such harm. 

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