Who Is the TikTok Time Traveler? Creators Have Lots of Issues

Whether you like it or appreciate it, TikTok has grow to be the hub for all matters enjoyment. On the system, you can obtain everything from amazing dance developments to pet troubles for your fur toddlers, and even daily life hacks and humorous videos to love for the duration of your leisure time.

While individuals use the social media platform for various good reasons, there’s no arguing that the application is loaded with some odd and wacky creators. And the hottest TikToker to depart viewers scratching their heads is the TikTok time traveler

Of class, time traveling is not a matter, but this creator is certain that he is the chosen one. Here’s the 4-1-1 on the TikTok time traveler. 

Who is the TikTok time traveler?

We can all concur that the internet provides out a huge array of people. And whilst many people today use social media to chuckle at them selves and have a excellent time, there is a person TikToker who believes his individual buzz.

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tiktok time traveler

Source: TikTok

In scenario you missed it, a TikToker by the name of Javier is persuaded that he is a time traveler. Through several videos on his web site, he shows followers quick clips from his city in Spain in which no other individuals show up.

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In point, his bio reads, “My title is Javier and I am by itself in the entire world.” When it is easy to believe that his web site is strictly a cry for support, he certainly thinks that he is by yourself.

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In his films, Javier also claims that he is a time traveler from the 12 months 2027. He suggests that by 2027, the human race will be extinct.

As followers scroll by means of his TikToks, they are going to see a journey of movies with no other people current, which gives his content material a bizarre yet mysterious sense. But of program, several individuals are not marketed by his supposed time travel and lots of think that he may perhaps be off his rocker. 

Consumers had been quick to discredit Javier’s promises. “If he is publishing then he’s in our present time,” wrote 1 consumer. “That and adverts and indicators would look unique……and garments in retailers lol!” 

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This is not the initial time a TikTok time traveler has trended on the social app.

Like we generally say, there is a whole good deal of insane that continues to go around. And when Javier might be a sizzling topic appropriate now because of his beliefs, he’s not the only creator to assert that he is a time traveler. 

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If you don’t forget, 2028guy, who claimed he was from 2028, predicted Joe Biden would win the presidency. Having said that, he sooner or later deleted his account. And whilst quite a few of us are relieved that President Joe Biden is our commander-in-main, that simple fact alone does not make 2028male a time traveler.

And of class, yet another user who goes by the identify of 2029gentleman is now sharing his pop culture predictions on his account. Right after all, quite a few people today employ social media to construct their possess movie star, and it truly is safe to say that these time tourists have that exact strategy in thoughts.

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Positive, often there is no rationalization for specific points that may perhaps consider place in the entire world, but that does not imply that time traveling is a detail, seriously. However, if you happen to be deep in the land of curiosity, consider a scroll by means of Javier’s site to see what his beliefs are all about.