Why I Love Playing the Drums

To some people, drums might just be those things that you beat with a stick, but to some of us they’re so much more. No band, for instance, is complete without someone banging on the drum set. Drummers sometimes appear to be just the background guys on the set, but if you really listen closely to the music, you soon realize how without drums, the music isn’t as good; it just doesn’t have the same life.

Drums are the heart of music! Have you ever listened to the hypnotic beat of a drum? Drums have the power to get people on their feet, shaking their bodies to the rhythmic power of the drumbeat.

Little boys and girls all over the world are usually fascinated with drums. Children regularly ask their parents to buy them a drum to play with, and if they don’t have one, they’ll drum on anything at hand. That’s because drums are pure, uncomplicated enjoyment; they’re not just about making music, they’re about having fun. It’s as much a toy as a musical instrument.

People who express their creativity by playing on the drums are more likely to get complaints from roommates and neighbors; they say that drums are too noisy. Well, maybe they’re noisy, but that’s part of what makes them so great. The loud, in your face beat of the drums can make you feel free and uninhibited. It doesn’t even matter if you’re any good at playing the drums, that’s not the important thing.

It’s hard to be bored when you’ve got drums to play. On days that are dull and listless, or when there’s nothing else to do, it’s fun to play along with the songs on the radio, or even just freestyle for awhile. It helps to have soundproof rooms, though!

Drumming is a way to express your emotions. It can be hard to explain, but sometimes playing the drums can be the only way to really, truly express the way you feel. If there are times, for instance, that you feel so angry you could punch someone, playing the drums is an effective way to let off steam without causing any trouble. Or if you’re feeling a lot of stress or sadness, sometimes it helps to just let go and play the drums until the beat carries away all the trouble and tension, leaving behind all your cares and worries.

There’s another reason to love drums, besides the fact that playing the drums is not only an emotional outlet but a creative outlet, as well. Drums are, to put it simply, cool. Drums are sheer, primal power, and have been an important part of the music, art, and ceremonies of cultures all over the world since ancient times. When you play the drums, you can feel yourself connecting with the spirit of music that has stirred in the souls of men and women since time immemorial, the same spirit that gets people on the dance floor, rocking out to the beat of the drums. These are compelling reasons to love playing the drums, but everyone’s reasons are their own, since each individual connects to music in their own way.

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