Engagement Ring Settings – How to Choose The Right Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is simply a ring meant to signify the man wearing it is already engaged. An engagement ring is often presented as an engagement present by a spouse to their future partner directly after a wedding proposal or as an engagement present by the bride to her future husband. In some cases, the groom’s engagement ring may also be presented to his future bride as a sign of a formal notice of their impending marriage. Engagement rings may come in different metals and settings, such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and even titanium.

Engagement Ring Types

The engagement ring typically is a solid gold band with one to three diamonds on top of a metal or wood base. They are usually offered in two styles-one being a solitaire ring wherein all the stones of the engagement ring are on display together. The other being a three-stone ring that features an engagement ring setting consisting of one center diamond, two small diamonds, and a large diamond at its center. The center diamond is usually the biggest and most expensive diamond used and is generally chosen by the groom. While these types of rings are commonly given as rings on engagements, they may be provided as wedding rings.

Wide Varieties of Engagement Rings

These days, there are wide varieties of engagement rings available, that is why you should learn how to choose an engagement ring. These include-white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum styles. Some popular settings for diamond engagement rings include-square, round and rectangular. Most of these engagement rings use precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. In addition to the materials used to design these engagement rings, there are also different diamond cut styles, such as-tumbled, princess, heart, and oval.

One of the most popular settings for diamond rings these days is the three stones ring. The three stones mainly used in three-stone engagement rings-are-the center stone which can be either-a sparkling clear diamond or a fancy stone; the second stone is typically a smaller stone surrounded by a smaller one; the third stone is usually a stone with a unique design that is meant to set the entire tone of the ring. Three-stone rings are also one of the more expensive ring styles. However, most of these three-stone rings feature a metal band or at least a wrap round, which gives it a stunning modern look.

Western-style engagement rings are generally crafted using either platinum or white gold. However, some western styles use platinum with blue or green tint. Some of the most common settings for diamond engagement rings are-square, round, and heart. Some classic designs for diamond engagement rings-include-a a simple band with two to three diamonds around a small heart-shaped pendant; an elaborate three-stone ring with a metal band or wrapped around it; and a classic four-stone ring that is encrusted with diamonds. These are just a few of the many styles that are available today.

One crucial factor that must be considered when choosing a three-stone engagement ring is how well the two metals will match. While platinum has excellent ability to match with white gold, it can often look cheap when it does not. And while gold has a remarkable ability to match with other metals, the lighter the metal, the more bluish it will appear. The best way to find out if the metals will fit is to hold both the diamond and the gold, and if they do not look close to each other, then it is time to replace the set.