Travel Nursing Jobs in New York: Your Gateway to Exploring the Big Apple

The Top 20 Travel Nursing Destination for 2020: Tips for Travel Nurses

Staying in New York City is almost everybody’s dream. It’s a big city where you can see awesome architecture like the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty to name a few. Host your own adventure in the city that never sleeps by being a travel nurse. Being one allows you to travel to New York and flex your profession at the same time. Here’s some information you might want to know to help you decide why you will choose travel nursing jobs in New York as your workplace and destination as a travel nurse. 

What the Best Travel Nurse Agencies in New York has to Offer

Satisfying Compensation

The average pay that a travel nurse can earn is around $51 per hour. Compared with regular pay for nurses, this rate is higher. Since traveling, nursing jobs require more adjustment. It is but right to get higher pay. ICU travel nurses, operating room travel nurses, and emergency travel nurses are one of the top 3 highest paid nurses in New York. This specialization requires more work since they have to monitor patients that need close monitoring. 

Free housing or Subsidized Housing Stipend

The first thing to consider when working away from home is accommodation. So travel nurse agencies partner with property owners who offer comfortable and fully-furnished apartments and homes. This way, they can accommodate their travel nurses in a well-arranged housing. There is nothing more important than to have a place where you can feel at home after a hard day’s work.

Being away from home while working can add up to stress, therefore having your personal space to stay in after your shift can make you feel relaxed. What’s more, you can also pick the option of searching for your place and just get a housing stipend to assist you in your rentals and house needs. Both choices can make you feel secure while working in a new environment. 

24/7 Support From your Chief Nurse

Getting help and advice when you need it is relevant especially when it comes to your patient’s needs. Getting confirmation before doing what you know is better than doing something with doubts at the back of your mind. Travel agencies make sure your Chief Nurse is available around the clock to assist you to give better services for the patients. Working under a travel agency is like having a partner who always has your back.   

Non-stop Job Assignment

Travel nurse assignments last for 8 to 13 weeks or longer. It depends on the agreement made between the three parties: Travel agency, nurse, and medical facility. However, after each assignment, travel nurses are given options which are; to renew, to take a break, or to be assigned to the next destination. Renewing is possible especially if they like the way the nurse worked as well as if the nurse likes her present assignment.

Travel nurses can also take a break before getting assigned to their next assignment or can decide to be moved to the next destination available. As a travel nurse agency, it is their duty to line up travel nurses whose assignment is almost over. In this way, they are ready to be moved if they want to. This is to save time and maximize the travel nurse’s desire to work.  

Time off is Allowed 

After your assignment, you might need a breather before getting your next job assignment. During this time off, it will be a perfect time to go around New York. You can go to Rockefeller plaza and enjoy outdoor skating. Time square is also a must to visit when you are in New York. You can shop till you drop since most shops are open 24/7. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and the National Geographic Encounters are also some  of the famous attractions in Time Square. Be sure not to miss this opportunity when you will be assigned to New York. 

Working away from home may be challenging but if you choose to travel nursing jobs in New York you will not notice how time flies because you will be enjoying your stay here. Be a travel nurse and reap all the benefits mentioned above. Start preparing your credentials now so you will be ready to fly to New York City!