What Invisalign Can Do For Your Beautiful Smile

The first thing most people notice about someone when they meet for the first time is their smile. A bright smile is always given by someone with confidence, self-assurance, and a personality that shines above the rest. This can be especially true when you have the assurance that your smile is flawless and shining. But when you do not have that confidence in your smile, you tend to be a little shy about smiling when you meet someone. Is that  true? This is why so many people are turning to new dental technology, to move over crooked teeth with Invisalign in Baton Rouge.

Better and More Comfortable

If you wanted your teeth straightened in the day, you had to be fitted with metal appliances called braces. This was usually done by an orthodontist and was quite costly for the time. They were made up of primary wire and were very uncomfortable to wear every day. Once they were wired into your mouth, they would not be removed until their job was done. They were adjusted every six weeks to move the teeth into line, and we’re pretty much a pain. You had to watch what you ate so that nothing would get caught in the wires, and you did not feel like smiling with a mouthful of “train tracks,” as they were nicknamed.

Today, thanks to dental technology innovations, we now have an appliance that can do the same thing the old braces could do, only faster and much more comfortably. Invisalign, unlike braces, consists of several trays called aligners made of a transparent thermoplastic material. The aligners are created to fit your teeth as they change, and you will go through several sets until the treatment is complete. They fit snugly through custom design, no wires, no cement, making them the most comfortable cosmetic dental work appliance ever created.

How It Works

Your first step to a beautiful and bright smile begins in the Invisalign dentist office. It is always wise to get this treatment from a trained and registered provider. Your dentist will make molds of your teeth as they are and then send those molds along to the manufacturer. Once they inspect the molds, they will use 3-D computer imaging to produce a customized video of your teeth’ progression as they align using their devices. This video will be sent to your dentist, and your next appointment with him will be to see this video. After watching the video, you will need to approve the procedure as shown, and you will have your aligners in around three weeks.

Once the trays are created, they will be sent to your dentist. The dentist will then show you how to put them on and remove them correctly. The manufacturer will have included notes for any adjustments that you will need, as well. Now it is time to put in the first set of aligner trays.

Treatment Plan

From this point, per your dentist’s instructions, you will wear each set of trays on average around two weeks per set. You cannot eat while wearing them, so you can remove your Invisalign trays to eat and brush your teeth for two hours a day. It is essential to keep the trays as clean as possible and avoid smoking and chewing gum while wearing them. At the end of the treatment plan, you will see that it was worth the work, especially when you smile.